The reviews , in English or Spanish  should not exceed 
	  350 words and must have at least:
		* Title
                * Name of the author
                * Name of the Institution where the research was done.
                * Addresses, email and/or postal.
                * Sources of information or sponsorships received.

The easy is recommended to be presented following:
	  	* Introduction
                * Materials and Methods
                * Results
                * Conclusions

	All  work should be accompanied by a letter of presentation from the
	person it belongs to (with contact address/es and telephone number/s),
	showing that the final manuscript has been approved by all the participants
	in it.

	The reviews (in any form) should be presented in either of the following
		* Text
		* HTML Format

	Images should be done in .gif, .jpg or .tif formats, taking into
	considerarion that  the more bits it has it'll take longer to be viewed in
	the web.

        Work can be sent by
	as Text format and/or with  file attachments Deadline date for
	the drafts is the 31st January, 2000.

	The Scientific Committee of CIN2000 wishes to be informed  of any
	commercial associations that can create conflict of interests regarding
	all work presented.

	Intelectual property:  It will be kept by the authors,
	with given permission  to the Congress to publish them, allowing
	to be  viewed from the Web Pages and CD ROM, but cannot neither
	be reproduced nor transmitted in any other format at all without previous
	authorization by its author/s and editor/s.