Nephrology, like other branches in medicine is going through great developments; physiopathologically, diagnostically or therapeutically. Such developments are shared with others through written publications, seminars and conferences. It is impossible to take active part in all of them, but there is a constant need to be kept informed.

We, at the Nephrology Unit of the General Hospital in Yagüe, under the auspices of the Spanish Society of Nephrology, with the cooperation of Uninet and others, feel that now there is a tool that we can use, a tool that is easy to access from home or from our work place, the controversial Internet.

Virtual communities of users. Another of its advantages is the efficient usage of those resources without many personal and professional costs to its participants as opossed to personally attending all Conferences. The structure of this Congress, as much as possible, will be held in the same manner as any other, with presentations by invited guests, free dialogues, posters, debates, forums, etc. While the Congress is taken place, there will be active participation, discussions and comments through different media such as emails, textconferences, video conferences etc. All depending on which one is prefered by participants. published in the Internet for about a year after the Congress. The General Hospital of Yagüe and its Unit of Investigation. every 4 hours by the world wide servers, so participants would access the information from the closest country from where they are connected. This will be a brand new experience, and we invite you to take part.

				Gerardo Torres Torres
			    Presidente del Comite Organizador