The aldosterone paradox: a solution that depends on integrative physiology

Mitchell L. Halperin and Kamel S. Kamel


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Dear Mitchell Halperin and Kamel Kamel,
Thank you for your interesting paper on the
"aldosterone paradox", one hormone serving two
purposes: sodium and potassium homeostasis.
Another mechanism that may help aldosterone
to affect sodium excretion without changing
potassium homeostasis may be found in the paper
"Regulation of rENaC mRNA by dietary NaCl and steroids: organ,
tissue, and steroid heterogeneity" by
Stokes and Sigmund, AJPVol. 274, Issue 6, C1699-C1707,
June 1998.
They report that a low salt diet only stimulates the
expression of ENaC in the inner medulla, where Na
absorption is not coupled to K secretion.
best regards
Ole Skøtt

Ole Skøtt

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