Anti-fibrotic Agents for Progressive Renal Disease

Masafumi Fukagawa, M.D., Ph.D.

Division of Nephrology and Clinical Research Center
Tokyo Teishin Hospital

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Due to some transcription problems, I wonder whether the PDGF_ mentioned in your text refers to PDGF-beta (known mediator of proliferation and migration of myofibroblastsm, interactions with TGF-beta,... among many other actions) or PDGF-alfa (also related in some reports to vascular damage).

Are you aware of any action of PDF in VASCULAR lesions?
Can you give us more insights on FSP-1 and transdifferentiation?

I am amazed about PDF not only inhibiting but also restoring back tissue fibrosis

Jordi Bover

Where I wrote PDF , I should have obviously written PFD

Jordi Bover

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