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Papers must be sent following guidelines in order to be submitted to Computer Science journals. . Abstracts in Spanish or English, should be 350 words long at most and must contain:

  • Title
  • Name and surname of the author
  • Filiation, if proceed
  • Contact information in order to address correspondence
  • Sponsors (if any)
We recomend structuring the content to:
  • Introduction,
  • Material and Methods,
  • Results,
  • Conclusions

Each work must contain a presentation letter identifying the main author (postal address and phone number), and it mus also have a note from the rest of authors accepting the text and its publication in UMEET.

Abstracts of work can be presented as:

  • Plain text (.txt)
  • HTML Text (recommended).
If includes images, graphics, etc. they must be in .gif, o .jpg. Remember that as much as bigger will they, more slow be downloaded.

Works can be submitted electronically to, as plain text in the body of the message or as a file attachment ("attachment").

Deadline for send abstract: June, 10 of 2.001

Scientific Comittee expects that all of the work will be free for publication in the Conference's web page, or that authors will provide permission (from them and other copyright holders) for this publication.


General Information about copyrighted content:

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(1) that each copy makes clear who is the document's author,
(2) that no copies are altered without the Uninet express consent, and
(3) that no one makes a profit from these copies without Uninet express consent.

To request express consent, contact Uninet

We will not knowingly reproduce copyrighted material without permission of the owner. Should you find any such material at our internet site, please notify us immediately so that we can make the necessary corrections.

This copyright notice is based on Peter Suber's one. (Peter is a Law and Philosophy teacher at EarlHam College) You can see it and a very good article about it in

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