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Inscription period is now open, and it is free for participants. Register yourself!

Participation at this Congress follows the same structure than traditional scientific activities, included the social activities.

Participation can be made by:

  • Free communicactions
  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Simposium of invited figures
that will be selected by the Scientific Committee.

Deadline for send the conferences and free communications abstracts is at June, 10 of 2.001

The most relevant papers, speeches and conferences, will be presented live in its original language, by textconference on the UniNet IRC Network, channel #linux. All other works will be commented on the discussion pannels, or by email distribution lists.

For join you only need an IRC client and connect to any of UniNet' servers, as: port 6667 (type /server port 6667 (type /server port 6667 (type /server

An join into the channel #6fevu (type /join #6fevu)

Organising Comittee will provide certification of participation in the conference under request.

More info on 6FEVU: