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    The First International Congress of Nephrology on the Internet (CIN2000) finished one year ago. Evaluating the results, I think that we have accomplished the objectives that we, a group of doctors, nephrogolists and from other specialities had initially proposed.

    In some health care centres, the presentations of the CIN2000 are used as a reference source in libraries for lectures and as a source for residents education. Due to the impressive positive reactions from many colleagues, we are currently planning the Second International Nephrology Congress on the Internet. 

    Internet has clearly demonstrated its usefulness as a valuable tool in our daily life in the search of bibliographic sources, or in the interchange of information via mailing lists, forums or meetings like this one. Internet is fast and universal. Let's use this new technology for our personal and professional improvement and for a better care of our patients. 

    The Second Congress will share the same characteristics of the previous one. Invited presentations will be held online and live discussions on the internet will be scheduled for all interested participants.

    Also as a supplement activity to the Congress, we will organize a monthly 'fornefro' meeting, where a World recognized specialist will present a topic which will be discussed live online. This fornefro meeting will be held the last Thursday of every month. We are looking forward to seeing you connecting and participating in these events.

    All these accomplishments are only possible thanks to the people and logistics of UniNet Network  We thank Uninet for making available the Internet resouces needed to contribute to the success of the of an Second International Congress for all professionals working in the area of Nephrology.

    Gerardo Torres Torres, M.D.
    Director of the Nephrology Department 
    Hospital General Yague
    Burgos. España 

Information: mailto