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Portuguese Society of Intensive Care
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November 1st to 30th, 2000


Critical Care Medicine in the Year 2000 – New Challenges

It is no longer news that CIMC’2000, following on from CIMC’99 will function in the same way as traditional congresses to discuss ideas related to Critical Care Medicine. The virtual nature of the event in no way detracts from the final ends. On the contrary, it is possible to combine convenient timetables for each participant concerning the items which most interest them without the inconvenience of travelling long distances.

The playful nature of the encounter/re-encounter, where opinions are exchanged, will involve using electronic mail or Internet Relay Chat.

This II International Critical Care Congress via the Internet will count on a panoply of scientific and technical means difficult to arrange in a traditional setting.

As such, we can count on the best specialists throughout the world to give their contribution, concerning the proposed issues under discussion. All imaginable methods will be used. The technical methods involve a team of specialists in the area of communications and the Internet, based in Spain (UNINet –Rede Universitária de Serviços Telemáticos). Other collaborators and their servers, spread throughout various continents (Europe, Americas and Asia) will facilitate communication and help avoid network overload.

The Congress material will be available for a number of years and will constitute an important database for visitors.

Discussion of the talks and communications will be made via electronic mail or Internet Relay Chat, which can be consulted at a later date via files.

The Online Registration page allows entry too a data base which will regularly supply information concerning the evolution of the preparatory work of the Congress and will advise congressionalist about developments, publications and where these will be posted.

The scientific programme page will have the regulations for sending free communications in the form of text, poster or image.

Eduardo Almeida
President of CIMC’2000

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