Second International Congress on Critical Care Medicine in Internet
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November 1st, to 30th, 2000

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Critical Care Medicine in the Year 2000 – New Challenges

The challenging task of organising the CIMC’2000 is both an honour and an even greater responsibility for us. Especially following the outstanding success of CIMC’99. The first congress was to call attention to a new form of Medicine using the Internet.

More than 1000 congressionalists are using or have used the congress pages on the Net. Much of the organisational work was carried out by UNINet and Maria de Jesus Coma (a driving and enthusiast force) as well as various colleagues and computer experts, who managed to put together an unparalleled happening using the Internet medium. Throughout the world many colleagues collaborated and joined forces in order to make this congress happen.

The clear difference with respect to traditional congresses, is that wherever we are, we can see the conferences and round tables, the free communications and at any moment read and comment on them.

The congress gives us the chance, in real time via the IRC, to discuss with colleagues in other places, the most varied matters, without limitations on the number of participants or their locale.

This II International Critical Care Congress via the Internet is therefore a challenge at least equal to the first, counting on the logistic and scientific key stones of the previous congress.

The dynamic process of CIMC’2000 will be similar to that of CIMC’99. A web page has already been launched, inscriptions have commenced; the scientific programme is in the final stages and includes a wide variety of issues pertinent to critical care medicine. The speakers hail from all four corners of the world and are considered experts in their fields.

An open space for presentation of free communications, in their different forms: oral, poster and image, will be available. A prize will be awarded to the best presentation. The congress material will subsequently be sent to congressionalists in the form of a CD.

We are counting on your presence, which will enrich, without doubt CIMC’2000.

Eduardo Almeida
President of CIMC’2000


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