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November 1st to 30th, 2000
DEADLINE ABSTRACTS 22nd October 2000 

CIMC´2000 Awards:

  • Best manuscript in IRC or e-Mail session: 100.000 pesetas (600 Euros)
  • Best electronic poster: 50.000 pesetas  (300 Euros)
  • Best image in intensive care medicine: 25.000 pesetas (150 Euros)

The awards will be decided by the Scientific  and Technical Committee (President, Technical Director and Vice-Presidents) once concluded the congress.


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  • Discussions in the IRC channel #cimc2000 of UNINet Network. Available three channels (under construction):
    • #cimc2000spanish
    • #cimc2000english
    • #cimc2000portuguese


  • Moderate discussions on electronic mail. 


  • Discussed by E-mail 



The manuscripts will be according to the requirements of uniformity for manuscripts subjected to biomedical magazines, published among other, in: 

       Ann Int Med 1997;126:36-47 
       NEJM 1997; 336:309-315 
       Br Med J 1988;296: 401-405 

A cover letter should be sent with every manuscript to identify the person (with postal address, telephone, fax number and preferable e-mail address), responsible for correspondence concernig the article. This letter should make it clear that the final manuscript has been seen and approved by all authors.
The authors must state that the paper has not been published (in part or in full) or submitted for publication elsewhere; this includes the tables and figures.

Maximum numbers of authors, never superior at 10 for manuscript.

The editors of the CIMC´2000, expect all authors to disclose any commercial  associations they have that might give rise to a conflict of interest in connection with the submitted article. 

Intellectual property
The author(s) transfer(s) the copyright to CIMC´2000 Editors effective if and when the article is aceppted for publication. 

The copyright covers the exclusive and unlimited rights to reproduce and distribute the article in any form of reproduction (printing, photocopies, recording, electronic media or any other form); it also covers translation rights for all languages and countries. For U.S. authors the copyright is transferred to the extent transferable.

The discharge of the manuscripts is allowed from the web pages  and of the CDROM proceedings, and cannot be reproduced neither transmitted in any other electronic format, mechanic, photocopies, recording or other diffusion means without the author's permission.

Submit the manuscripts by anyone of these procedures:

  • Electronic mail

  • cimc2000@uninet.edu, by attach file.
  • Ordinary postal mail:

  • Your diskette (3½ inch) must labeled with the following information: 
    Last name of Autor, name of Software used ("DOS", "WIN", "Macintosh"), and file name(s). Use a felt-tip pen to label your diskette. DO NOT use a paperclip to attach the diskette to its hard copy. Send diskette to:

    Scientific Committte CIMC´2000
    R. Rodrigo da Fonseca, 204-1º Esq.
    1070-245 Lisboa. Portugal 

    The Organizing Committee of CIMC´2000 accept no responsibility for manuscripts lost prior to receipt by CIMC´2000. Therefore, authors are encouraged to keep copies of submitted manuscripts, including figures copies.


Languages authorized: Spanish, English or Portuguese.

For details regarding the preparation of structures abstracts, see JAMA 1.995; 273:28-30.

Firt page:

  • Title.
  • First name and last name each author.
  • Name of the center or institution where they carried out the manuscript.

Abstracts should be no more than 350 words in length and must have the following headings:

  • Introduction, 
  • Material and Methods, 
  • Results,
  • Discussions
  • Conclusions
  • Acknowledgments
  • References.

The summaries of the manuscripts should be presented in some of the following formats: 

       Word 95-97 (.doc) Preferable
       Word for Macintosh (.doc) 
      Word Perfect 5.0 or superior (.wp5) 
       Riched text format (.RTF) 
       HTML format. (htm; html) Preferable

Full Presentation

If your Abstract is selected by the Faculty, you will be invited to submit your full presentation (on-line until 15th Oct. 2000) in the pages web of the congress (free).

The first page will include the following:

  • The title of the article; first and last name authors (Name first author to who the correspondence will be directed, as well as the address and telephone-fax numbers and electronic mail) 
  • Name of the center or institution where they carried out the work.

The second page, will be include the original with the following characteristic:

Review articles and Original papers must not exceed than 4,000 words and 75 references.

Brief Reports should include brief original studies or reports on one or a small numbers of cases. They should not exceed 1,500 words and up to 10 references are permitted.

The manuscripts can be written in standard grammatical English; this is the responsibility of the author. Charts and figures can be included.

The article must have the following headings:

  • Title. 
  • Summary 
  • Words key 
  • Abstract 
  • Introduction 
  • Material and methods 
  • Results and discussion 
  • Gratefulness if it proceeds. 
  • References. 
  • Charts. 
  • Figure and legends. 

Please follow the instructions for the format of manuscripts.

All the figures in a format GIF or JPEG and they should not exceed 100Kb each one. 

The computer drawings are acceptable if they are of quality comparable to the lineal drawing. The on-line generated curves and the lines should be flat (they are not accepted in 3D).

Electronic Posters in format html (hypertext markup language). See Full Presentations.

This is the responsability of the author. 
Your web page design is free and respected.
(JavaScript, and applets Java elements, will be returned). 
A single page web is authorized (not several pages with links). Charts, figures are accepted in formats JPG, GIF, video/audio (AVI, Wav, aif, au). Acepted Video-Audio in RealAudio 5.0 or superior (RM format in RealPLayer PLusG2 version is ideal, existing freeware and shareware video encoders programs, for RealAudio G2, of easy conversion type "mpg" and "AVI" to RM format), etc. The maximum size of the póster must be 500 KB.
Example of electronic poster: Single page web of 30 Kb + 5 graphic type jpg. (20 KB each one) and 2 graphic type gif (15 KB each one) + Video RealAudioPlayer PLusG2 (300 Kb) ---> Total: 460 KB.

Images in Critical Care Medicine: 
Attention: The maximum number of authors for this section will be 3. 
The images in Critical Medicine will be correspondents in format JPG or TIFF with a maximum size of 300 Kb. Those images will be accepted that have a scientific interest, besides their visual quality and that they allow a discussion through the electronic mail.

More information in cimc2000@uninet.edu

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